I educate women and organizations on healing, wellness, and self-discovery.

My speaking style is vibrant, inclusive, energetic, and personal. I customize every presentation to address each audience, and I adjust during the presentation to match the level of comprehension as I go along.

I have presented to women’s groups, networking organizations, and at conferences. If you’re interested in bringing me into your space as a speaker, please feel free to contact me.


Discovering Your True Self

Guided visualization to “meet” your true self.  A message or an object may be given to you by your true self on this journey.  You will discover who you are at your very essence.


Healing Your Inner Child

Guided visualization to heal your child within.  Suggestions will be given on how you might nurture your inner child on a daily basis.


Breaking Free of Old Patterns

Sharing with another person patterns and behaviors that are holding you back from your full potential.  A ceremony at the end to free yourself of  those patterns and behaviors.