Meet Sharon

Sharon Anderson’s career focused on ensuring that countless individuals had safe, sanitary, and affordable housing.  A survivor of domestic abuse herself, Sharon has always been committed to equal rights for women.  Sharon is semi-retired and runs an in-home business with her husband, Neil.

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher”…Oprah

 Sharon Author Photo

“Nothing is impossible, the word says I’m possible”….Audrey Hepburn

Sharon and Neil live in the Minneapolis metro area near her two sons and five grandchildren.  Having been a single parent for several years, Sharon and  her sons have a special relationship.  Sharon loves spending time with her granddaughters and enjoys traveling with Neil.


STEP (St. Louis Park Emergency Program) has been Sharon’s choice for volunteering over the past few years.  She hopes to contribute more time in the future to issues relating to domestic abuse.  One area, which she feels is related, is the time she spends to enhance all of her granddaughters’ self-esteem and to encourage them to follow their dreams.  Sharon also encourages them to dream big and reach for the sky.


In 1997, Sharon received the Spirit of St. Louis Park Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions both at work and in the community.   One employee receives this award each year at the City of St. Louis Park.  During Sharon’s employment, she served as the staff liaison for the Diversity Task Force to create St. Louis Park’s VISION for the upcoming years.  When that VISION was revisited ten years later, Sharon’s husband, Neil, served as co-chairperson for the Diversity Task Force and Sharon served on the committee. Sharon and Neil received the Human Rights Award for St. Louis Park in 2010.  This annual award recognizes contributions in the area of human rights both in St. Louis Park and the broader metropolitan area.