About Breaking Free

About Breaking Free

So begins one woman’s story of domestic violence, but the words she penned could have come from anyone. That is because at its core, each instance of domestic violence tells the same story, enacted again and again across different lives and through generations.

“Off and on I’d try to break free of the relationship, but I always went back…”  

Breaking Free is a collection of ten women’s stories of emotional and physical hurt, heartbreak, and triumph. It celebrates all the women who have escaped their abusers, and mourns those who haven’t. In these pages you will meet strangers whose strength and courage is wholly remarkable and yet entirely commonplace, and you will find that no one is ever truly alone.


“This book…lets women know they are not the only one, and they are not responsible for the abuse.  Further, it lets women have hope that it can change.”

–Carol Arthur, Executive Director, Domestic Abuse Project


“With courage and candor, these women shine a light on the thick darkness of domestic abuse, digging through the fear and isolation of that reality to a newfound hope, strength, and peace.”

-Cynthia Orange, author of Shock Waves: A Practical Guide to Living with a Loved One’s PTSD and Sing Your Own Song: A Guide for Single Moms