"Breaking Free is one woman's story."

Breaking Free is every woman's story.


My mission is to help other women embrace their breaking free moments. Through this discovery, I hope to help them create a better quality of life with complete wellness–physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial.

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Meet Sharon

Sharon Anderson’s career focused on ensuring that countless individuals had safe, sanitary, and affordable housing.  A survivor of domestic abuse herself, Sharon has always been committed to equal rights for women.  Sharon is semi-retired and runs an in-home business with her husband, Neil.

About Breaking Free

So begins one woman’s story of domestic violence, but the words she penned could have come from anyone. That is because at its core, each instance of domestic violence tells the same story, enacted again and again across different lives and through generations.

Featured Breaking Free Story

Our Breaking Free Inspiration

Violence Awareness Month 2013

Violence Awareness Month was in October, and I’m reflecting on the things I did to honor the women, men, and families who have had domestic abuse affect their lives.  How moving it was to speak at a Candlelight Vigil held at North Hennepin Community College.  As the names of individuals who were killed by their abusers were called, a friend or relative blew out one of the candles lit in their memory.  It was a powerful image and remembrance of these persons whose lives were cut short in such...

Reflection on Love

Sample Post

Nicole’s Story

I met Steven when I was seventeen and barely graduated from high school. He was my first boyfriend and my first love. I was a quiet book worm who preferred the library to partying and the dating scene. Steven was the first guy who was attracted to my love of books. We spent hours on the phone debating every topic under the sun. We both loved history, religion, and politics. We bonded over poetry and our favorite books. I thought I had found the man of my dreams. We...

Share Your Story

We’d love to share your “Breaking Free” story with our readers. So many people in my life, both women and men, have empowered me with their strength, courage, and wisdom. There is power in your story. If you’ve had a moment in your life that you believe could help someone, I urge you to share it. You don’t have to be a survivor of domestic abuse to share your story. Life’s journey offers us all a multitude of messages, discoveries, and break free moments. What are yours? If you’re...